Saturday, 8 October 2011

X-plore s60 v1.56 Icon Anna Mood by OzHIE Unsigned

Baru kemarin X-Plore update, eeh sekarang sudah update lagi....!!!!!

1.00 - Initial version
1.01 - Packing files to Zip archive, small bugfixes
1.02 - Selectable UI font size, details of multiselection, key shortcuts for Mark all/none
1.05 - Windows Mobile version, small fixes
1.15 - Simple audio player, opening Word 2007 documents
1.20 - Simple video player
1.30 - Using phone theme (Symbian S60 3rd ed, UIQ3), fixed hex editor find, fixed shift key editor
1.31 - Small fixes, adaptation to S60 touch devices
1.35 - Image preview (small thumbnail in file list)
1.42 - Improved file search function (wildcards), small fixes
1.45 - Correct date on copied files, chessboard under transparent images, allow to delete read-only files, edit attributes on multiple files
1.50 - Android version
1.51 - Audio preview, fixed Nokia E72 shortcuts
1.53 - Send file by on Android, Image viewer slide to prev/next
1.55 - Android only: freeware, crash reporting, native User Interface for audio preview, image viewer, text viewer, configuration, text editor
1.56 - Android: Video viewer, fixes of crashes, S60 2nd edition: freeware

Download :
X-plore s60 v1.56 Icon Anna Mood by OzHIE  476 KB

Versi Ori : 508 KB


handono-doank said...

Wahh mangtabss....

request dunk Kang...aplikasi merubah suara di symbian s60v3...coz untuk saat ini baru ada untuk versi s60v5...

OzHIE.sisX said...

he he thx gan,,,,!!!
untuk aplikasi itu memang blm ada gan, kita tunggu aja,,,!!!

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