Sunday, 23 October 2011

LCG Photobook v 2.20 Final Python Cracked Boso Jowo Icon Anna Mod By OzHIE

Log Update :

1.00 - Initial version
1.01 - Enhanced Details, Custom slideshow time, Mark/Favorites options in fullscreen view, Extended configuration, Kinetic scroll in zoom
1.20 - Show hidden files/folders, Option to turn on/off preview items in folders, Enhanced configuration, Bug fix in sort, Fixed speed of long name scroll, Option to change the function of secondary soft key, Operations confirmation, Send options (symbian only)
1.25 - Small changes
1.30 - File Management (Create folder, Copy to..., Move to...), List view mode in Image Browser with extended information, GPS Location (in Details, opens Google Maps), Show content of ROM/RAM drives (Symbian OS), Improved loading of folders content, Faster thumbnail generation (JPEG files), Add image to contact (Symbian OS), Minor changes and fixes
1.40 - Home Screen, Gallery (lists all the images on the device), System fonts support (including size of UI font), Improved speed of loading folder's content, Added confirmation when deleting multiple files, Optional "Folder-up" icon in browser, Option to clean the image cache manually, Assign to Contact available on Windows mobile (WM5 and higher), Minor changes and fixes
1.41 - Language packs added (Azerbaijan, Dutch, English, French, German, Chinese, Poland, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and Vietnamese) Minor changes and fixes
1.50 - Upload image to web albums and social networks (, Google Picasa,,, New language packs added (Arabic, Bulgarian, Finnish, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Persian, Ukrainian) Gallery re-enabled as start-up mode, Show system files/folders, Search contacts in "Assign to contact" feature, Option to change scan behaviour in the Gallery mode (Scan all folders except listed/Scan only listed folders), More options to select font size, Minor changes and fixes
2.00 - Added option to select prefered access point to connect to Internet, Statistical data of network usage, Virtual albums for better management of photos, Search of images, Assign user notes to images (title, notes, categories, keywords...), Remember the rotation of pictures in image viewer, Improved Quick mark mode on touch screen devices (larger thumbs), Language packs added (Irish, Greek, Czech), Minor changes and fixes
2.01 - Updated language packs, Minor changes and fixes
2.10 - Added upload to Twitter and MySpace, Improved authentication for Google Picasa, Fixed description tag in upload to Facebook, Fixes in Albums Added feature to resize/rotate images before upload, Updated language packs, Several minor fixed and changes
2.20 - Added upload to Smugmug and Fotki, Improved upload to Flickr, More options in slideshow (custom time, loop, random, selected only) IPTC image tags (in Details) Open images by association (Android only). Improvements for browser/gallery/search features (Android only). Minor changes and fixes.

Fitur tambahan :

- Icon Anna Mood by OzHIE
- Bahasa jawa translate by OzHIE
- Bahasa Indonesia
- Bahasa lain : Arab, English. German,Russian, Spanish, Vietnam
- Aplikasi ini membutuhkan Python untuk membukanya karena di Crack dengan Python by dan

Download : LCGPhotobook 2.20 Final Python Cracked Boso Jowo IconAnna Mod By  810 KB

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Ikhsan Ramdani said...

kaga bisa di unduh ommm

OzHIE.sisX said...

udah tak perbarui gan..!!

IndRA WonGSinG said...

niate mw koment di posting trbaru tp gk bs pas di klik poskan komentar larinya ke scrensot mulu di opera mini. Ohya bos mw lapor hack n86 sukses dg dr.web!

OzHIE.sisX said...

kok gt ych.. wah pake dr Web ych. slmat ngising pak boz.. ha ha..!!

Cruzader Blog said...

ada gk yg gk pake piton.....??

OzHIE.sisX said...

Belum ada gan..!!!

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