Sunday, 12 June 2011

New RomPatcher+ v3.0 Support s60v3 s60v5 S^3

   Hallo sobat blogger, gimana kabar kalian, semoga sehat selalu sehingga bisa pantengin terus blog ini, langsung saja gan, kini OzHIE hadir untuk kalian dan akan membagikan sebuah aplikasi yang tidak asing lagi yaitu New RomPatcher+ v3.0 Support s60v3 s60v5 S^3.

Log Update v3.0  :

v3.0 (Version jumped to v3.0 due to S^3 support)
+ New: RP+ now supports also Symbian^3 devices! All the 3rd/5th/S^3 devices are fully supported :)
+ Improved: InstallServer.rmp patch has been updated to support S^3 devices too. The old Open4All.rmp patch is already working on S^3 too, without any change.
+ Improved: removed the "Donate with SMS" option, it was used by too few people.
+ Fixed: sometimes the "RP+ Recovery Fault" message was wrongly shown, it should be definitely fixed.

Di versi sebelumnya yaitu v2.6 yang suport Domainserver, pada v3.0 ini juga suport modding Autostart dengan Domainserver s60v3 s60v5 S^3. Bagi sobat blogger yang belum tahu cara modding Autostar dengan Domainserver silahkan ikuti petunjuk di bawah ini :

Download :  777 KB

1. Install RomPatherPlus.sis
2. Extrak file C_sys_hash_Domainsrv.exe dan rename menjadi Domainsrv.exe saja lalu copy ke C:\sys\hash.

3. Extrak file Domainsrv.exe ke E:\sys\bin jika RomPatcher+ kamu install di memory Card atau ke C:\sys\bin jika dimemory Phone.

4. Buka aplikasi RomPatcher+ lalu pilih patch yang akan kamu tambah ke Domainserver dengan memilih Menu >  Add to Auto (Domainsev) jika sudah, lalu restart Ponsel.

Lingkaran yang berwarna Kuning adalah hasil Add to auto, sedangkan lingkaran yang berwarna Ungu adalah hasil Add to (DomainSev)

Nah Selasai, sekarang ponsel Sobat blogger yang biasanya tidak suport patch Autostart sekarang sudah bisa Autostart dengan Modding Domainserver.

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zaQir said...

gan, patch c2z tu gk boleh di add to auto y????

Trunghuy90 said...

@zaQr...C2Z To add auto domain this will suport theme effect.
@OzHIE... Thank you shared.

OzHIE.sisX said...

ZaQir : ya bener kata agan Tunghuy90, C2Z klo di add tu auto saja theme Effectnya g bs lagsung fungsi,,,

Tunghuy90 : Yesterday I've tried to translate the X-plore to the language of Vietnam but in case of error do not know why, but I will try again, waiting to hear from me ...!!!

Trunghuy90 said...

Ok. Thank you so musk!

raff said...

gan, ap bner c2z tu kalo di add to auto saja bikin hp jadi eror????

Trunghuy90 said...

If eror, restar phone and apply agail.

OzHIE.sisX said...

Raff : Benar kata Trunghuy90, Emag gan c2z banyak efek sampingnya gan, hp sering blank..

Trunghuy90 : well said boss, excuse me x-plore Vietnamese language can not be boss, I'll post how to translate it boss ...

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